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Let me tell you about the F Word

Riding down the highway, my buddies by my side.
Just boozin' and crusin' and showing off my ride.
We're the bunch in the Bar that always get, to loud.
It's not hard to pick us out in a Yuppie crowd.
Black T-shirts with Ballpeen Hammers protruding from a skull.
When your wearing clothes like that it never gets real dull.
We don'tcare what others say if we're old and fat.
Cause drinking beer and eating grease is really where it's really at.
Panheads from the Fifties, Shovelheads and Sporty's.
Evo's from the Ninties and a Flathead from the Forties
So when you hear a rumbling Thunder after the sun goes down.
Lock up your Kids and the ones you love, cause the Goon Squad's back in Town.
As long as I am Riding, Partying and Breathen.
You can bet your rosy, red, sweet Ass that I will be a HEATHEN!

By Shovelhead Sue

Dale & Sue on her Shovel Head

Is that a Rolex?

I think an Award should be given to these Puppy Dawgs in anyones book!!

DaddyDawgs Dream Girl!!!


Some think bikers are mean
Some dressed in leathers and others in jeans
You don't like our patches or the clothes that we wear
You hate our bandannas and you hate our long hair
You don't like our scooters and our loud noisy pipes
You think we're not loyal to the Stars and Stripes
You don't like our patches that are worn on our vests
You think we're so different from all the rest
But the truth is, Mister, we're kind of alike
You drive a car and I ride a bike
You have no tattoos painted on your arm but we fought side by side over in Nam
So the next time your children are running around
Enjoy their freedom, and the fun that they've found
Remember us bikers and all that we do
We feed our lost veterans, we're red white and blue!
We bring toys for tots and toys for a smile
By riding our bikes for miles and miles
You see, us bikers have never forgot
Our homeless veterans and our homeless tots
We are loyal to our clubs and true to our bro's
We will always wear black from our heads to our toes
Society once said that long hair was for fags
But you'll never see a biker burning a flag
Now the tattoos and leather you don't understand
Stands for free independence that us bikers demand
Our long hair and patches and bikes with loud pipes
Is a tribute to our freedom, the Stars and the Stripes
So before you make up your mind on just what I might be
Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?
The man that you see that is staring right back
Is not too much different from that biker in black.

Keep it between the lines!