X-Wife, TED & DaddyDawg
(back stage with the nuge)

Back stage with Ted at sandstone near K.C.

DaddyDawg thanking Ted for back stage passes

The Nuge telling us a story while Bad Company's playing on stage

Some Info on Ted

BORN: December 13, 1948, Detroit, MI Nugent started in a local Detroit teen band, the Lourds, and formed the Amboy Dukes in late 1965 or early 1966. He scored his first hit with "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" in 1968. Several albums using the Amboy Dukes tag followed, with the personnel changing with almost every album. Nugent went solo in 1975, marking his greatest success to date with one album after another in the charts; he put his solo career on hold to become a member of the group Damn Yankees in 1990. He resumed his solo career in 1995 with Spirit of the Wild. A powerful, high-decibel guitarist, Nugent's energy more than makes up for whatever subtleties he lacks.

Teds Rams

Ted Nugent's Web Site